December, 2012

WXedge Academy

December 4th, 2012 at 12:30 pm by under Community, WTNH Blogs

Here at NEWS 8 we are asking local high schools if they have what it takes to join the WXedge Academy.

In case you are new to please check it out.  In a nutshell is a NEWS 8 website for everything weather related.  The articles, video and photos are created by our NEWS 8 meteorologists and reporters as well as individuals in the community  itself.

The WXedge Academy is an educational exchange; a program that  specifically encourages and engages local high school science classes and clubs to participate and become WXedge contributors.

How the WXedge Academy works is fairly simple.  Teachers apply to have their class or club become WXedge Academy Contributors and once accepted they share WXedge related knowledge in the form of articles, videos,  tutorials, pictures and Skype conversations with NEWS 8 meteorologists, anchors and reporters.  After they are seasoned contributors they receive our official WXedge Academy Expert Adviser badge of honor and the students’ content and possibly even the students themselves can appear on-air.

The Academy is a way for high school teachers to offer their students a peek into the working world while doing something fun.  The benefits are two-fold; offering students a platform to share their work with a wider audience gives them real world experience and a sense of pride while simultaneously letting the community share in their success and glimpse what high school science classes are exploring.

The areas of  scientific study that could potentially fit into the WXedge Academy really  span the high school syllabus.  Whether studying the space storms or meteor showers in Astronomy, the Physics of a thunderstorm or even the Chemistry that makes up the atmosphere around us, the possibilities are endless.

Check out our first WXedge Academy member class - Greenwitch High School Physics/Astro class here

If you are interested in joining please visit WXedge Academy