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September 12th, 2012 at 3:42 pm by under Community, WTNH Blogs

Did you know a percentage of seniors are sometimes forced to choose between food and medication? This is unfortunately true and one of the many reasons why seniors are among the most vulnerable to malnutrition and hunger in Connecticut.

Comfort Keepers Connecticut offices are starting a month long food drive specifically aimed at fighting senior hunger.  All donations are going to the Connecticut Food Bank.    Here is how to participate:

  • By dropping off your food items at 722 Village Walk in Guilford any time during the week from 9AM to 4PM before September 30; and
  • By visiting comfort keepers at the Guilford Wellness Fair on the Guilford Green this Saturday, September 15, 2012, from 10AM to 2PM.
  •  virtual food drive
For a list of nutritious food and more information on the issue of Senior Hunger please visit here.




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2 Responses to “Feed Seniors Now”

  1. Kierstin,

    The exploitation of the helpless elderly by the probate courts across this great nation is a national disgrace. I am a victim of such a complaint.

    I didn’t contact you to write about me but what I am about to explain. A 69 years old women, was evicted from her house, on Sept. 20, 2012, while she was a patient at the L & M Hospitals in New London, Ct.

    The court was notified in advance, that she was hospitalized, by a document written up by a hospital social worker and hand delivered to the court prior to the hearing date.

    They went ahead with the court hearing, without her presence, in-spite of the evidence and gave her 5 days to vacate with all her belongings.

    She had been in the hospital for a week after having a seizure and transported there by ambulance. It was determined that she needed life threatening surgery for one of two blocked carotid arteries. The surgery is scheduled in about a week because some additional tests are required.

    She is currently home under the care of visiting nurses awaiting surgery. Her blood pressure readings are mostly 200/100. She does not owe any rent but none of this seems to matter to the court. She is one of many unfortunate victims of judicial elderly abuse.

    Robert N. Jetmore

  2. Marie Tyler Wiley says:

    Robert..please call Joe Courtney’s office or the Attorney General’s office. Life can be very screwed up at times and sometimes the powers that be need a little wake up call from somebody with some clout.

    Kierstin…great article and so true.

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