November Spring Fling

November 15th, 2011 at 11:04 am by under WTNH Blogs

WOW…as I write this blog during mid November, temperatures are in the 60s for most of Connecticut. Certainly well above where we should see afternoon high temperatures for the date. Here are the stats for temperatures today (Nov. 15th):

Shoreline: Normal Maximum Temperature: 53  Record High Temperature: 78 in 1993

Inland: Normal Maximum Temperature: 52 Record High Temperature: 78 in 1993

Not many complaints coming is as the mild pattern continues. I was looking around for some home heating oil prices and found a site that has some average numbers. According to THIS SITE , the price of home heating oil is around one dollar higher per gallon this year over 2010.

Of course some folks use propane and others have electric heat. Others have relied on burning firewood in stoves and now wood pellet stoves seem to be gaining popularity too. One of my friends send me a video of one advanced wood pellet heating system that uses an actual wood pellet furnace. Here is the video:

How do you heat your home? We may be saving today….but colder weather will be here before you know it. What do you think heats your home most efficiently? Please post a comment! -Gil 

6 Responses to “November Spring Fling”

  1. Ava says:

    Oil heat in our house, but we have 4 heating zones, all set with timed thermostats, so that when we are not home, the heat doesn’t kick on and heat an empty house! Has worked well so far!

  2. jeff clark says:

    i have oil… and in an old house*, not too efficient at all… but the wood stove (which i’ve had for 5years) is getting hooked up, and and programable thermostat… no sence in heating the house at night, or when i’m at work…

    *with the old house, and the drafts, no worries about CO gas either…

  3. Allison says:

    we are converting to natural gas

  4. Dave Meyer says:

    I have stayed using Kerosene for heating as part of my home is a 52 year old mobile home. I buy it bulk as I would for oil. Programable thermostat keeps costs down also. A huge savings, over $600 per year, comes from using the 3M brand of shrink plastic for over my windows and a good chimney flue cap with a closable damper. For anyone who looks into using the shrink wrap, spend the money for the better 3M, easier to use and almost no visual distortion after shrinking and it comes off clean in the spring.

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